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Pokrovsky O.S.,  Shirokova L.S., Manasypov R.M., Kirpotin S.N., Kulizhsky  S.P., Kolesnichenko L.G.,  Loyko S.V.,  Vorobiev S.N.  Thermokarst lakes of Western Siberia:  a complex  biogeochemical  multidisciplinary  approach // International Journal of Environmental  Studies. Monograph: Western  Siberia  in a Changing Climate.  2014. Volume  71, Number  5, pp. 733-749. 

Izerskaia L.A.,  Vorobyev S.N.,  Vorobyeva T.E.,  Kolesnichenko L.G.  & Zakharchenko A.V.  The  concentration of Mn, Cu, Zn, Co, B, Sr, Cd and Pb  in alluvial  soils of the Ob River  (forest-steppe,  southern taiga and central taiga) // International Journal of Environmental  Studies. Monograph: Western  Siberia  in a Changing Climate. 2014. Volume  71,  Issue 5, 2014,  pages 691-697.   

Manasypov R.M., Vorobyev S.N., Loiko S.V., Kritzkov, I.V., Shirokova L.S., Shevchenko V.P., Kirpotin S.N., Kulizhsky S.P.Kolesnichenko L.G.Zemtzov V.A.Sinkinov V.V.Pokrovsky O.S.  Seasonal dynamics of organic carbon and metals in thermokarst lakes from the discontinuous permafrost zone of western Siberia // Biogeosciences. 2015. 12 (10), pp. 3009-3028

Pokrovsky O. S., Manasypov R. M., Loiko S., Shirokova L. S., Krickov I. A.,  Pokrovsky B. G., Kolesnichenko L. G., Kopysov S. G., Zemtzov V. A., Kulizhsky S. P., Vorobyev S. N., and Kirpotin S. N. Permafrost coverage, watershed area and season control of dissolved carbon and major elements in western Siberian rivers// Biogeosciences, 2015, № 12, 6301-6320

Vorobyev S.N.,   Pokrovsky O.S.Kirpotin S.N.Kolesnichenko L.G.Shirokova L.S.,  Manasypov R.M.  Flood zone biogeochemistry of the Ob River middle course// Applied Geochemistry. 2015. Volume 63, December 01, 2015, Pages 133-145

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